A simple skin solution that reduces pressure and friction


LiquiCell is a medical technology that protects the skin from stretching and tearing when it’s subject to prolonged contact with an object. The ultra-thin membrane contains a liquid that moves with the skin to reduce shear and friction. Research shows use of LiquiCell yields better blood perfusion to the tissues than other comfort interfaces like foam and gel.

What is LiquiCell?

LiquiCell is a thin, liquid membrane that adds a protective element for the skin and soft tissues, reducing soreness, blisters and numbness.

How does LiquiCell work?

LiquiCell is inspired by nature. The ultra-thin membrane is filled with low-viscosity liquid to imitate the body’s natural defense against shear stress and friction.

How is LiquiCell used?

LiquiCell can be customized and integrated into medical devices to protect the skin and increase comfort, all day long.

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What is LiquiCell?

LiquiCell is a medical technology designed to stop blisters and pressure sores before they start. When the body has prolonged contact with a material, the ongoing pressure compresses soft tissue, which restricts or stops blood flow, compresses nerves, and inflames the skin. The friction and shear stress causes numbness, discomfort and pain, and can even damage the skin’s surface in the form of blisters and pressure sores.

LiquiCell is a thin, lightweight membrane that cushions the skin and the tissues. Invented by a physician and avid bicyclist who wanted to reduce bed sores in his patients, many brands rely on LiquiCell to increase the comfort and well-being of their customers and end users.

How does LiquiCell work?

The protective cushioning from LiquiCell is nearly invisible, yet it makes a profound difference.

Published research studies show that after 60 minutes of contact, LiquiCell outperforms foam and gel with 150% better blood perfusion (flow) to the soft tissues.

Unlike foam and gel, LiquiCell is lightweight, and doesn’t add bulk. When used to protect the hands against blisters, LiquiCell is so thin and nearly invisible, it won’t interfere with dexterity, grip and feel. In sitting, standing and walking applications, the LiquiCell interface doesn’t get in the way of stability.

How is LiquiCell used?

Wherever the skin needs a shield against pressure and friction, LiquiCell may be the answer you’re looking for. Manufactured with pride by Birchwood Laboratories LLC in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, LiquiCell can be custom fit and custom sized wherever the product comes into contact with the skin or soft tissues.

Because LiquiCell is so thin and lightweight, it can be easily integrated into a wide variety of products. Automotive, footwear, medical, office, recreation, work apparel … Liquicell can be a solution to just about any industry.

LiquiCell Shear Reducing Interface

This is what LiquiCell was originally designed to do: offer better comfort and protection for hospital patients. The liquid membrane found inside this padding reduces skin and soft tissue trauma that leads to bed sores. Years of research and testing revealed that this liquid membrane can greatly reduce the pressure and friction that lead to numbness and bed sores, allowing patients to rest and recover in greater comfort.

Shear Points

Shear Points offers a lightly padded comfort barrier between the skin and medical devices to reduce friction that leads to irritation, breakdown and discomfort. Applications include CPAP masks, bilevel masks, oxygen tubing, casts and more, to protect the skin from ongoing friction.

Office or Portable Seat Cushions

LiquiCell technology cushions any seat for long-term comfort thanks to improved blood flow and less numbing. Whether it’s letting sports fans cheer on their favorite team or making a long day at work a little easier, it’s a simple solution to create a better environment.

Lightweight, painless skin protection, LiquiCell, manufactured by Birchwood Laboratories LLC, has the solution to help you achieve the next level of second-skin comfort. Let our experts help you customize a solution and find your fit.