cosmetic mixing and packaging birchwood contract


Product Mixing

We have the capabilities to mix your supplied ingredients or we can help locate and procure the ingredients, offering a more turnkey option. We can mix and blend liquid, lotion and gel solutions. We have several mixing tanks in various sizes, both jacketed and non-jacketed to give us high quality mixing and filling solutions on site at our facility.

USP Purified Water System

We also have a fully validated USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Purified Water system for all of our cleaning, sanitization, and mixing of products. Our water purification system has ongoing monitoring and testing on a defined frequency. It includes a pre-filtration of city water, a deionization system to remove the minerals, process filtration to remove bacteria, Ultraviolet lights to kill bacteria and eliminate particles, and sub-filtration with 0.2 micron filters to remove small trace particles and bacteria that are present in the filtered deionized water.

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