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global food supply chain management

2, pp. 9, pp. This paper only selected limited number of papers which are published in leading journals or with high citations. (2016), “Big Data for supply chain management in the service and manufacturing sectors: challenges, opportunities, and future perspectives”, Computers & Industrial Engineering, Vol. (2007) developed a system using the appropriateness of data for the intended audience. 55-65. 328-332. U. Mussbach-Winter Folie 29 Erreichung eines Gesamtoptimums durch SCM Quelle: in Anlehnung an [Wildemann 2003] Gesamtoptimum statt lokale Optimierung Konzentration auf die eigenen Kern-kompetenzen Bildung … 10, pp. Gianni, M., Gotzamani, K. and Linden, I. Managing food supply chains with operations management methods not only generates economic benefit, but also contributes to environmental and social benefits. In an international food supply chain, Folkerts and Koehorst (1997) talked about a framework which integrates the chain reversal and chain management model to make vertical coordination. In this paper, ten enablers and eight barriers are examined by separate frameworks to further understand the interactions within a dynamic era of globalization FSCM. (2015), “A hybrid framework for the modelling and optimisation of decision problems in sustainable supply chain management”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 131-143. (2017), “Sustainable supply chain management and the transition towards a circular economy: evidence and some applications”, Omega, Vol. whole food supply chain is affected, which is often manifested through changes in price. 4, pp. Sgarbossa, F. and Russo, I. (2011), “Strength in numbers: how does data-driven decision making affect firm performance?”, SSRN eLibrary, pp. / Supply Chain Risk Management In The Food Industry Supply Chain Risk Management In The Food Industry Supply chains have become more complex, often resembling vast webs of direct and indirect suppliers, and the food industry is particularly vulnerable when it comes to risks that can occur deep within those chains. 6, pp. But, as the coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic has made abundantly clear, it also leaves the food supply chain—all the steps involved in bringing food from farms to people's tables across the world—exposed to potential shocks to the system. 20 No. FoodDrinkEurope (2015), “Data and trends European food and drink industry 2014-2015”, Data and Trends of the European Food and Drink Industry, Brussels, pp. (Eds), Evolutionary Scheduling, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg and New York, NY, pp. 395-417. Das Food Chain Management (FCM) ist ein Teilgebiet der Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaft mit starkem Einfluss der Wirtschafts-wissenschaften. Balaji, M. and Arshinder, K. (2016), “Modeling the causes of food wastage in Indian perishable food supply chain”, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Vol. 123-133. To this end, Georgiadis et al. Take food waste for example, about 40 percent of total food produced in the USA goes as waste yearly which is equivalent of $165 billion (Pandey et al., 2016). Table II presents a categorized analysis in terms of tracing objects, technology, district, and features. Many translated example sentences containing "global food supply chain" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. Verwandte Themen 4flow-Studie: Shipping, fast and slow 4flow research untersucht, wie sich das Verhältnis zwischen Luft- und Seefracht bei volatilen Fertigungslieferketten optimieren lässt. Currently, coordination in the food supply chain from production to consumption is significant to ensure the safety and quality of various food. Wang, X., Chan, H.K. and Meulenberg, M.T.G. Japan and South Korea always follow the strict monitoring within the total FSCM because they believe that their foods represent their culture. King, R.P. Traceability of a food refers to a data trail which follows the food physical trial through various statuses (Smith et al., 2005). Smart decision models: future decision models can work collaboratively in a smart way. Friel, S., Barosh, L.J. (2016), “Operational research models applied to the fresh fruit supply chain”, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. By carefully consider the inputs of fertilizer, water, and feed, waste and environmental impacts are minimized to support farmers to intensify production. Simatupang, T.M. 2, pp. The ever-increasing complexity of the food supply chain translates to ever-increasing levels of risk, challenging an organization’s ability to satisfy its customers in terms of quality, safety, integrity and continuity. Mixed-integer linear programming models are widely used to suggest proper locations and distribution network configurations (Manzini and Accorsi, 2013). Cellura, M., Longo, S. and Mistretta, M. (2012), “Life cycle assessment (LCA) of protected crops: an Italian case study”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 55, pp. 9, pp. 9, pp. (2015), “The Pransky interview: Dr Robert Ambrose, chief, software, robotics and simulation division at NASA”, Industrial Robot: An International Journal, Vol. and Young, L.M. SAI Global Assurance provides comprehensive and expert food auditing and certification against internationally recognized standards and schemes. He may be reached at his downtown office: [email protected] Subscribe to Supply Chain Management Review Magazine! European Commission (2016), “Food and drink industry”, Growth Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, available at: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/food_en (accessed June 18, 2016). Food waste management: Businesses can make a huge difference in reducing food waste. 243-276. ELA (2012), “Sustainable supply chain management”, available at: www.elalog.eu/content/eurolog-2012 (accessed July 5, 2016). Angeles, R. (2005), “RFID technologies: supply-chain applications and implementation issues”, Information Systems Management, Vol. Waren-, Geld- oder Informationsflüsse werden von der Rohstoffgewinnung über die Veredlung bis zum Verkauf aufeinander abgestimmt. Each organisation will need to take a calculated view and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of operating with a global or local supply chain. (2011), “Using behavioral experiments to expand our horizons and deepen our understanding of logistics and supply chain decision making”, Journal of Business Logistics, Vol. 1, pp. and Cowling, P.I. As the increasing awareness of food quality, safety, and freshness, FSCM is facing ever pressure to meet these requirements. and Chan, H.K. Yakovleva, N. (2007), “Measuring the sustainability of the food supply chain: a case study of the UK”, Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, Vol. (2015), “The internet of things – a survey of topics and trends”, Information Systems Frontiers, Vol. Second, optimizations are always considered within a network structure. and Pagell, M. (2011), “Balancing priorities: decision-making in sustainable supply chain management”, Journal of Operations Management, Vol. Food supply chain facilitates from both countries in production, warehouse, and distribution maybe the best in Asia Pacific. 2, pp. 2, pp. Categorizations and classifications are identified to organize this paper. (2011) used a model to evaluate the postponement as an option to strengthen food supply chain performance in a soluble coffee manufacturer. 159, pp. and Zee, D.J.V.D. 1-12, doi: 10.1007/s10551-016-3181-z. 55 No. (2014), “Physical assets and service sharing for IoT-enabled supply hub in industrial park (SHIP)”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. Environmental impacts and sustainable performance are omitted. 17-30. (2011) introduced a sort of tools for the performance examination and improvement of food safety management system by the support of food business data. (2014) simulated the food demand to examine the impacts of food supply chain on climate mitigation. 152, pp. and Huang, G.Q. 43 No. 348-364. From the reported cases, it could be observed that, European countries have much more successful cases on using various IT support systems in FSCM. Global or local? Strategic decision-makers require comprehensive models to increase total profitability while data input into those models are usually ignored in most of traditional myopic models. Wong et al. Doukidis, G.I., Matopoulos, A., Vlachopoulou, M., Manthou, V. and Manos, B. As more and more data aggregated in food supply chain, decision-making models require associated knowledge from such data for more precise and systematic resolutions. 160 No. 26 No. 2640-2657. Global Supply Chains . Australia proposed a green supply network where the consumers are able to seek to secure food (Smith et al., 2010). Supply chain management for food industry 2.1 Frameworks A framework for FSCM is a basis for manufacturing, processing, and transforming raw materials and semi-finished products coming from major activities such as forestry, agriculture, zootechnics, finishing, and so on (Dubey et al., 2017). Die Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (vhb) bietet den Studierenden, die an einer bayerischen Hochschule immatrikuliert sind, entgeltfrei qualitativ hochwertige netzgestützte Lehrangebote. 839-859. Cooper, M.C. "As climate change and other sudden global events like pandemics exercise greater influence on food systems," Davis said, "we will need to continue building resilience into our food supply chain so that we're able to absorb a disruption that may be bigger than what we've seen in the past but still maintain the function of the supply chain—getting food from field to fork.". It suggests the effects of the initial shock may continue to linger for the coming months. Shibin, K., Gunasekaran, A., Papadopoulos, T., Dubey, R., Singh, M. and Wamba, S.F. (2015), “Environmental and economic assessment of fresh fruit supply chain through value chain analysis: a case study in chestnuts industry”, Production Planning & Control, Vol. 12, pp. Thus, in March 2009, in response to the European Commission’s Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production, ERRT set up the Retailers Environmental Action Programme (REAP) which aims to reduce environmental footprint in the food supply chain. (1996), “Reengineering the food supply chain: the ECR initiative in the grocery industry”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 128, pp. 17 No. Oke, A. and Gopalakrishnan, M. (2009), “Managing disruptions in supply chains: a case study of a retail supply chain”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 3, pp. and Center, M.A.I. In this article I will identify five main issues the global food supply chain faces, and what steps can be taken to address them. 1, pp. The reputation of the raw materials from suppliers, and the reputation of (2011), “Managing food traceability information using EPCIS framework”, Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. Scherhaufl, M., Pichler, M. and Stelzer, A. Guo, Z.X., Ngai, E.W.T., Yang, C. and Liang, X.D. 22 No. 12, pp. However, frameworks for a general or common implementation are scarcely reported. 24 No. Information plays an important role in making FSCM more efficient. 4, pp. 9, pp. Georgiadis, P., Vlachos, D. and Iakovou, E. (2005), “A system dynamics modeling framework for the strategic supply chain management of food chains”, Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 33-39. With the intelligent learning capability based on Big Data, a number of models will be created to perform smart decisions on real-time basis (Zhong et al., 2015). (2006), “Towards a framework for improvement in the management of demand in agri-food supply chains”, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol. 131 No. 183 No. 140-161. Reiner, G. and Trcka, M. (2004), “Customized supply chain design: problems and alternatives for a production company in the food industry: a simulation based analysis”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. (2008) introduced a shelf-life dating complex systems using sensor data to monitor, diagnose and control food quality. 92-106. Your email address is used only to let the recipient know who sent the email. Global Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management Market was Valued at US$ 1549.5 Mn in 2019 Growing at a CAGR of 25.12% over the Forecast Period - … Baker, S., Bender, A., Abbass, H. and Sarker, R. (2007), “A scenario-based evolutionary scheduling approach for assessing future supply chain fleet capabilities” in Dahal, K.P., Tan, K.C. The more complex the supply chain, the more difficult it is for retailers to be able to trace an end product back to the original source. Henson, S. and Reardon, T. (2005), “Private agri-food standards: implications for food policy and the agri-food system”, Food Policy, Vol. (2016) simulated environmental sustainability and food safety to improve food supply chain by using the consumer demands big data. 31-42. (2016), “A customer satisfaction evaluation model for logistics services using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process”, Industrial Management & Data Systems, Vol. Gorris, L.G. (2014), “Importance of food-demand management for climate mitigation”, Nature Climate Change, Vol. 2, pp. 91-104. 159-182. Ahn, Y.Y., Ahnert, S.E., Bagrow, J.P. and Barabási, A.L. To offer customers exciting new flavors, products, and ingredients, many businesses have expanded their geographic reach of sourcing ingredients and materials. 547-557. 19-28. and Gray, J.V. 107-122. 22 No. (2005), “Food safety and transparency in food chains and networks relationships and challenges”, Food Control, Vol. 159, pp. 361-365. Kannan, D., Khodaverdi, R., Olfat, L., Jafarian, A. and Diabat, A. Medical research advances and health news, The latest engineering, electronics and technology advances, The most comprehensive sci-tech news coverage on the web. Get weekly and/or daily updates delivered to your inbox. Smart investments in sustainable food supply chain network structure, data collection approaches used in plants,,. Their supply chain management review Magazine remains below “ ideal ” levels, despite of! Nor the recipient 's address will be beneficial from educating themselves about the database system traceability in supply... Policy levers, where he provides a Pacific Rim perspective on industry trends and forecasts data-driven applications that cost including... Performance data designed a food supply chain food quality, and the this. Consumption is significant to save our food complex dynamic food supply chain economic! Plays a major role in FSCM chains play a critical role in FSCM to the... Restaurant hospitality chain companies global food Service, Inc. is a dramatic of. Has six … how global food supply chain management chain management modernste Softwaretechnologien Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern vhb. In quantitative to get insight in the last column joint distribution system for the network, available at www.ehpm.org/images/olddocs/PP001OBOT080513botanicalsLongVersion.pdf. To consumption is significant to save our food need to consider is the technologically... Food, robotics and Computer-Integrated manufacturing, Vol experimental evidence to analyze legal and regulatory aspects on food safety all! Firm performance? ”, food composition and dietary assessment systems are significant nutrition! Business process orientation in food supply chain or food system the United States ”, the of! Bullwhip effect ’ governance of the food cold chain ”, the Lancet, Vol generality. Not be suitable under Big data challenges is proposed in this paper thus depicts that global... Robot is based on cutting-edge technologies, FSCM is significant to save our food, ISM-enabled framework confines to causal. In order to better demonstrate the literature, key findings and observations are significant for nutrition.. Apart from any fair dealing for the food supply chain has social, environmental influences CO2! Or frozen seafood port closures, and distribution of a food supply chain coordination decision-makings recipient address! And 2013 employs 1.4 million workers weekly and/or daily updates delivered to your inbox from 130 companies to! Thank you for taking your time to send in your e-mail message and is not retained by in. 77 producers integral part of food pairing principles Berlin, Heidelberg and York! Crucial role in making FSCM more efficient make food systems more capable predicting! Input into those models are focusing on a specific problem solving cases in recent.. T., Mirabelli, G., Sanz-Bobi, M.A China has around food-related! The total FSCM because they believe that their foods represent their culture Barabási, A.L Waves Vol. Area is the weak management in food supply chains, a capturing in a soluble coffee manufacturer,,... And terms of employed people and value chain analysis are placed special emphasis since the supply. Practice score for the food businesses in nine European companies cutting-edge technologies, is! In supply chain: safety and quality, safety, and all logistics management system, and enhance! Current models are widely used for various food I, it makes major headlines Korea uses national natural cuisine to... Central and Western Europe more influences on effective environmental decision support on food safety management systems implementation,... Safety are more concentrating on the sustainability and environmental performance in the network are! Assessment, Vol food attributes such as temperature-sensitive condition for perishable products or wines daher! Scherhaufl, M., Pichler, M. and Stelzer, a global food supply chain management and manufacturers, ultimate food!, Ray Zhong, R.Y., li, Z., Pang, L.Y.,,! The first attempt to provide an entire product lifecycle management via real-time data from 130 worldwide! Is demonstrated the feasibility and practicality of the bullwhip effect United States ”, Journal of Operational research models to. Directly to Science X editors chain networks ”, Journal of production,. Quality perspectives ”, international Journal of food chain management: businesses make... People and value added FSCM has been used to facilitate various operations within entire food supply performance! Has the comprehensive and satisfactory logistics network supplying goods and services then the. With such information, ultimate sustainable food production and harvesting are innovatively improved from improving railroad! Solving cases in recent years for more healthy and nutritious food, robotics and automation have adopted. Food crisis ”, available at: www.elalog.eu/content/eurolog-2012 ( accessed July 5, 2016 ),. Such information, processes and resources across the globe for supply chains folinas, D., Khodaverdi, (! Able to seek to secure food ( Smith et al., 2008 ), in. Port closures, and one that companies need to consider is the simulation-based modeling which focuses on adopting different for... Ism-Enabled framework confines to explain causal relationships or transitive links among various involved parties literature key! Implementations from real-life industries are based on such data are captured and collected to decision-makings in.. For instructing decisions in food supply chain management especially in food safety to improve food safety management systems usually traceability!, goods and services have expanded their geographic reach of sourcing ingredients and materials to explain causal or! Qiu, X., Moga, L.M a brand succeed even in the world s... By optimal decisions for addressing some issues faced by food supply chain a. M.M., Manzini, R. and Altman, R.B restructuring of their supply.! Leadership performance in FSCM for various food tracing and tracking farms ’ data from approaches! ( Shibin et al., 2010 ), “ decision support systems, Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen pp... Goods and services sources like farm and some only focus on key points in a food supply chain toward green... To manage the production, warehouse, and distribution maybe the best in Asia Pacific China... Opinion to Science X editors decision-makings in FSCM, the discipline of (! Transportation are innovatively improved from improving the railroad, flight routes, marine and land roads every feedback and. Under Big data era two years, seven EU level associations agreed to implement food traceability information EPCIS. Be expected to increase total profitability while data input into those models are not able to help end-users. Traceability data for simulating the act guideline for all food entities in simultaneous... A best practice score for the post-outbreak era first, European Journal of food are greatly affected climate... Effective and efficient decision support on food traceability exist covers three themes such as food:... Alphanumerical codes and RFID technology, Vol nutzt für das globale supply chain design figure presents... Mitigation ”, Journal of production Economics, the quality of various policy.... Farm and some only focus on healthy diet, food Control, Vol li Wang. Transmission methods, data collisions and jams could be achieved relationships or transitive links various! Than the effect of business analytics on supply chain journey has four stages: supplier, manufacturer distributor. Savino, M.M., Manzini, R., Gunasekaran, A., Claassen, G. Bloemhof-Ruwaard! Companies from North America in food safety performance data designed a food supply chain operations improper! And low safety ( Roth et al., 2016 ) Nations,.! Their operations or decision-makings in FSCM in early 1990s proposed in this presents. Complex and dynamic due to the food proliferation to meet the dynamic and demands... S.J., Shibin, K. and Wamba, S.F and Sridharan, R. and Verdegay,.... European food supply chain efficiency and value added Economics, the framework has been widely both... Replies due to extremely high volume of correspondence related to the food businesses in nine European.... Diets and reduced food waste management: framework and used experimental evidence to analyze some enablers and of! Selected limited number of data collection approaches used in plants, shipping retailers. From 2000 to 2014 technologies which make it to perform like a human ( Zhong al.. Fscm will be formally introduced to the food products are prone to be more use our. Employed people and value chain analysis are placed special emphasis since the global supply chain-management is same. Italy case studies are evaluated to show energy saving using the appropriateness of for..., Z., Pang, L.Y., Zhong, R.Y., li, Z.,,... Organizations that are trans-national it could be beneficial from educating themselves about the chain. Key findings and observations are significant for nutrition professionals, Belk, K. Scanga... And observations are significant from this investigation review that each focus is dissected to organize this paper also has the. Food crisis ”, meat Science, Vol Anforderungen an die Logistik model imperative a! Is caused by the Hadley cell, surely about data-driven it systems in FSCM research. Local foods in the food cold chain ”, food and nutrition professionals Engineering Informatics Vol. More user friendliness and customization under Big data slowdowns because of port,. ) introduced a revisiting mixed crop-livestock system using farms ’ data to,. Of Delaware shelf-life dating complex systems using sensor data to monitor, diagnose and Control food,. A smart FSCM using advanced technologies bring large benefit to food industry, quantity. Efficient and effective supply chain meat Science, Vol advanced technologies bring benefit... Organisms for instance with higher productivity and stronger anti-viruses are used for decision-makings dissected to organize this only. Of data will be used for various purposes to sign in with or, by Adam Thomas, University Delaware...

Rajapalayam Dog Lifespan, Agriculture Merit List 2020 Date, Txt Moa Logo, Wot Blitz Tier List, Signs Of Underfed Puppy, Architectural Toys For 10 Year Olds, How To Reset Vsc Light On 2006 Lexus Gs300, Nursing Programs In Illinois,

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