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what is considered a large assembly in solidworks

Every SOLIDWORKS part or assembly model starts off with a default configuration, and there are multiple methods for creating additional configurations. This will give you the ability to sort your assembly by a variety of criteria. Since different computers will have different hardware, what constitutes a “large assembly” on one machine (meaning what causes the computer to slow down when working on this assembly) may … In SolidWorks, you can open an assembly and select File, Save as…, SolidWorks Part. I find that having the Image Quality for each part set to about one-third of the way on the bar, as shown in Figure 10, yields a good balance between the parts looking good and the assembly yielding good performance. Whenever you open an assembly and begin working, and your computer starts to chug(aka slow down), you are working on a large assembly. British Columbia. That being said, the option to load components lightweight is the closest we get to this magic option to make assemblies perform faster.”. Are you using large assemblies and it sometimes takes long to open? After you launch this tool, SOLIDWORKS will sort your assembly based on a given criteria. Design features and functions 3. Generally speaking, a large assembly is defined as an assembly in which you start to see slowdowns in your system. The reason behind this is that you will be loading information from the fixed disk into RAM, and the information will be bottlenecked by a variety of networking factors. Large Displacement for Static Studies in SOLIDWORKS Written by Silvio Perez on January 11, 2016 1 Comment I am sure that many of us who have run a simulation static study have come across this warning message, where an excessive displacement warning was generated and asked us to continue running the current study or enable the Large Displacement option to improve the accuracy. 17 Full PDFs related to this paper. When examining the world of hard disk drives, you will find that not all hard disk drives are made to the same specifications. Open large assembly in design review form Windows Explorer. Is it an assembly with over 500 parts? Combine this with the first one when you don’t need a lot of extra detail shown in the model for even more improvements. What is a “large assembly” in SOLIDWORKS? Each sub-assembly needs its own cover drawing with BOM, followed by drawings of each part. File and platform compatibility We want to compare like to like, so the versions used here are AutoCAD 2020 and SolidWorks 2020. He responded, “It’s about the size of a barn….”. Since different computers will have different hardware, what constitutes a “large assembly” on one machine (meaning what causes the computer to slow down when working on this assembly) may work fine on another machine, meaning that on this machine, it is no longer considered a “large assembly.”. How well it works for various industries (i.e. Always give the file the same name as the exercise (for example: Exercise1-1sldprt). them together in an assembly in tutorial 7. Last, attempt to open the assembly and run the stopwatch test again, this time opening the assembly from the local hard drive copy. Help! Primarily the graphical information and reference geometry are loaded into memory, but the features that define the part are not. The faster the read/write speeds (or RANDOM IO/s) are, the faster your assemblies will load from your local hard drive into RAM. A hefty file size can also make it difficult to share your designs with clients and reviewers. With that in mind, my second tip for improving performance with large assemblies is to utilize a SSD instead of a mechanical hard drive to store and save your SOLIDWORKS assemblies. What is a “large assembly” in SOLIDWORKS? Based on years of experience helping customers with large assembly issues we have found that adopting the latest SOLIDWORKS techniques … READ PAPER. When working with large assembly files, the rebuild time and overall performance of SOLIDWORKS can be less than optimal. The assembly contains a linear pattern of holes. I have a large assembly with several sub-assemblies. My SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly is Slow to Open . Collaboration tools and business features 4. Next, use the command WINDOW>CLOSE ALL to close the current assembly. SOLIDWORKS Composer works hand in hand with SOLIDWORKS CAD by converting part and assembly files to workable models for documentation. This is unusual since the first part is a simple cover panel used in three places, and the second part is a simple tire for a wheel on our assembly, which is used in four places. Surface/solid entities Try forming solid(s) – SolidWorks attempts to knit the surfaces into solids. SolidWorks 2020 SolidWorks Routing Step 2. The default criteria is mass, but this isn’t very helpful in determining which components are causing the assembly to perform poorly. We can see all of the detail of the tire treading and the extruded text around the sidewall of the tire. Large Assembly Mode – This state loads in a collection of system settings, mostly display and view settings, with the aim of turning off any settings which could hinder the systems (SOLIDWORKS Assemblies file’s) performance. The plate is a component of a larger assembly. As you can see in Figure 12, a simplified configuration of this tire has been created without the tire treads and the extruded text around the tire’s sidewall. With 5,000 parts? As you can see in Figure 9, the image quality is set far too high. Choosing to turn off automatic rebuild will allow you to quickly jump between open parts and assemblies without … In this blog series I’ve been covering each of those variables to help you get your SOLIDWORKS large assemblies opened, working, and saving faster. When discussing SOLIDWORKS large assembly performance with my students, I often will say,“There is no one single magic option to make assemblies perform faster. So far, we have discussed some things you can do to increase the speeds in which SOLIDWORKS can access files stored on the fixed disk and load these files into RAM. The specification we are most interested in during our discussion about assemblies being slow to open or slow to save is the specification for read and write time (sometimes specified as RANDOM I/O Performance). This information may be used to create the mold of the part file for the tire, but it is not necessary to include this detail at the top-level assembly of our project. In past testing, I have usually turned Large Assembly Mode off for GPU comparisons - but this time around I wanted to see how it impacted performance, so I ran the Lego Tower (the only assembly we have which is large enough to trigger use of LAM) again. You can turn on Large Assembly Mode at any time. This increased the functionality of the feature … However, since the feature tree of the model is not loaded into memory, far less RAM is required per component. There is often a lot of confusion regarding what constitutes a large assembly. Manage your resources using various system options. Open an assembly with SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly mode, Large Assembly Design Review, Resolved, and Lightweight modes. This method loads more data than the Advanced Configuration method does, but it's still likely to work for troubleshooting. Create a new folder for this purpose. The answer to this question is Yes—there is a terrific option built into SOLIDWORKS known as “Load Assembly Components Lightweight,” which accomplishes this very task. For example, when opening an assembly, all of the associated parts feature history is loaded into me… Insert About the Author . Figure 8. I am confident that by the time you get through tip #6, you will be saving a significant amount of time when it comes to working with your larger assemblies. I was once working on a SOLIDWORKS Tech Support case and a customer told me that he was working on a large assembly. Our usual first step which I would not spend too much time on. A simplified configuration of the tire to be used in the large assembly. Since we are loading data from the hard drive into RAM, and saving from RAM onto the hard drive, these read/write speeds are extremely important, and we want the fastest possible read/write speeds to obtain the fastest open and save times from SOLIDWORKS. Typically large assembly issues are attributed to slow hardware, network configuration, or software problems. So, my final (and possibly most important) tip for working with large assemblies is that you should create a simplified configuration of parts that have a lot of detail to be used at the top-level assembly. Figure 7. When you choose “File, Open,” you are taking a file from fixed disk and loading it into RAM. The assembly allows me to Fix/Float, but not the component. He has been working with SOLIDWORKS software since 1998 and has been providing training, technical support and tips and tricks since 2001. An example of examining and comparing the specification for the read/write of an HDD against an SSD. The first thing you need to look at when determining why a file is slow to open or save is whether there is anything you can do with the hardware you are using. Create a Circle with its origin set at the origin of the sketch, click on Smart Dimension and give 150 mm as a diameter. The process is relatively straight forward, but when working with SOLIDWORKS large assemblies, there are a few things to keep in mind when converting them to Composer (.SMG) files. For example, in the English unit system an A-size drawing sheet is 8.5 × 11 in. Tobias Richard is a SOLIDWORKS elite applications engineer from Philadelphia, Pa. So, the fourth tip of this blog is to use the Assembly Visualization tool to sort by “SW-Open Time,” “SW-Rebuild Time” and “Graphics-Triangles” in order to identify the specific components in your assembly that are requiring an unusually high demand on your system resources. Third, Solidworks has steadily created thumbnails of parts, assemblies, drawings that facilitate selection in the window expander. First, each file has an extension that makes sorting easier. SpeedPak. Then apply some of the tips above and time your assembly again. Either way, both issues produce the same result: Too many polygons being rendered at the assembly level will result in an assembly that is very slow to work with. He began working for Prism Engineering (now Fisher Unitech) as an instructor and tech support engineer in 2001. ), Work from a local disk rather than a network location, Work from a solid-state hard drive (or similar) rather than a mechanical spinning hard drive, Utilize the option for lightweight components in an assembly, Use the Assembly Visualization tool to find components that are slowing down your assembly, Make sure the image quality for your parts is not set too high, Make a simplified configuration of your parts that have a large number of small details. Many factors can affect how long an assembly takes to open from a network location, and not all networks run at the same speeds, but this simple illustration can lead you to one of the first things you can do to open and save your assemblies faster: When you are working with large assemblies, work from a local disk rather than a network location. Once these have been placed in the correct location, further components which could be considered as slave or driven can be added into their correct position in the assembly in a state which is not quite complete. So, a logical question might be: “Is there anything we can do to reduce the amount of information an assembly needs to load into RAM to help speed up the open/save processes? SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.While it is possible to run SolidWorks on an Intel-based Mac with Windows installed, the application's developer recommends against this. To Company B, an assembly of 50 parts might be considered a small assembly. I have an assembly with a hinged plate. This means that you can still work with this lightweight component in an assembly to add mates, create section views, take measurements, create exploded views and perform a variety of other assembly-level adjustments to the component. We have saved this tip for last, but it is certainly one of the biggest contributing factors to poor performance in a large assembly that I have seen (over my career in tech support). SOLIDWORKS - How to Import IGES, STEP, UG and ACIS Files as an Assembly. Here are my top six tips and tricks for speeding up a large assembly: Remember also to use the stopwatch trick we discussed. Large Design Review – This is the fastest and least resource intense mode. The simplify tool works for both parts and assemblies. … Figure 3. SolidWorks does not have the capabilities to work with large assemblies or design high-quality surfaces. Toby Schnaars began using the SOLIDWORKS Software on the ’98 plus release, in October of 1998. Keep in mind that we are using this tire in four places, so the level of detail in the detailed configuration will be multiplied by the number of instances. Even our old SW could handle our assemblies easily on our old workstation. In this blog, I will break down some of these techniques and some of the terminology of large assembly management. Large assembly mode will automatically activate a set of performance enhancing options based on a user defined component threshold. Figure 4. SolidWorks does not support macOS. Keep in mind that many computers today are configured with two hard drives—one SSD for the operating system and programs, and another HDD for data storage. In SOLIDWORKS 2019, Large Design review has been enhanced to include assembly editing capabilities. Posts related to 'SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Tutorial', SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly and Drawing Workshop, ← SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 File Explorer Enhancements & Keyboard Shortcuts.

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