Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing and Packaging


 Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing and Packaging

Birchwood Contract Manufacturing was originally founded as a pharmaceutical company and we still have a Medical Products Division that produces and sells our own pharmaceutical products. This means we have the knowledge and expertise to help produce a quality tested product that meets your needs and expectations.

From mixing and testing to filling bottles, tubes, jars or packets, we can assure you that our quality assurance team will go above your expectations to satisfy all requirements and regulations that are needed for your product.

Our facilities are FDA and EPA registered and we are currently working towards the ISO 13485 certification. We follow cGMP guidelines and our quality system is compliant to FDA regulations. We maintain a documentation system for historical references and require inspection of all incoming materials. Our onsite lab testing includes HPLC, IR, pH, Viscosity, and Specific Gravity.

What We Do

Tubes, Jars, Bottles, Packets, Towelettes, Pump Spray, Fin-Seal and Over-wrapping
  • SPF
  • Hand Sanitizer
    1. Gels
    2. Wipes
    3. Spray
  • Witch Hazel
    1. Pads
    2. Wipes
  • Diaper Rash Creams
  • OTC Creams
    1. Lotions
    2. Gels
  • Muscle Relief
  • Incontinent Products
  • Mouth Washes